Can You Still Build Your Link Popularity With Blog and Ping

Blog and Ping was a strategy to quickly get these new sites into the search engines. Blog and Ping is a technique that can get your website indexed in a few hours or just a few days. I just see the blog and ping as a great way to get the indexing quicker and updated more often. I know that track backs and blog and ping work although it still seems a bit worthless to me, saloton who wants to click on a link to a page that references the article you just read. Using the Blog and Ping method “manually”, my AdSense income increased substantially.


There is no doubt; the most complicated marketing technique for any Internet marketer to learn is how to get your sites indexed. Online marketing strategies change like the weather but one thing that will always remain true and that’s the power of backlinks. One of the core marketing strategic objectives of social networks is to expand your reach and open up new avenues of networking.


Even with all my hours of research, it took months more to discover the simple, workable connection between blogging and pinging that capitalized on the design and function of search engines. I’ve tried “black hat” tricks, ashkelon10 like blogging and pinging, hidden text- a lot of stuff that search engines eventually banned altogether. Many blogging tools Like Moveable Type and WordPress now have a integrated blog ping features.


Simply put, blogging is the hottest new form of content, and pinging is how you let the search engines and the world know you’ve got fresh new content posted. Each post contains links back to your site, so when the spiders find the posts they love so, betabaatzo they also find YOUR SITE. I have an automated list of about 30 odd sites that WordPress pings every time I publish a post. Use a Proxy Server to make your posts minizing any IP footprints.


Goggles algorithms are leap years ahead of any other Search Engine. Google themselves will tell you that they would rather discover new URL’s by finding links than getting them via submission. As the saying goes… content is king… but GOOD content will rule the (Google) world. Although content IS king, there a number of sites that are just small pages, flash sites or have no keywords in the few content pages that rank well in Google.


According to Google’s patent it seems like they may value slow-growing sites over quick-growing ones. Many SEO experts believe that sites optimized around certain themes, gavison-medan or niches rank better in the search engines. I’ve been building websites myself for the past 10 years now, and helping others get their own businesses started, and I’m finding that people new to this have a much smaller learning curve and better chance of success when they don’t have to build the types of websites that sitesell style hosts teach.


I have not found a faster way to get my new sites indexed and traffic coming to them than by using Blogger. Blogs are getting traffic that static websites only dream of. It’s NOT about traffic exchanges, exit-traffic, pop ups, pop under, or any of these ‘junk traffic’ methods. While “Tagging And Pinging” can be used to quickly and easily drive an insane amount of backlinks and traffic to your sites in a very short period of time, it is only “part” of the entire “system” you will need to learn. There are many very good reasons for setting up a blog for your business, but immediate search engine traffic is one of the bestthat I can think of.


A couple of years ago, when search engine marketers realized that the more incoming links a site had, the better it would rank (that if all other things being equal) a cottage industry of link-farms sprouted up to take advantage of this knowledge, and also to abuse it. Build something of value and give people a reason to link to you. By writing a blog and placing some site links in the posts, the search engines will spider the links, and the pages shortly after you blog. Blog pinging is considered by many to be an excellent source of building link popularity while gaining mass global exposure to your site at the same time. One critical success factor in boosting your link popularity is to use the blog and ping technique to notify lots of other sites about new content on your web site.


With a normal website, you post new content and you wait for the search engine spiders to come in to crawl your site to index new content (which can take from 48-hours to a week or more to happen. Search engine spiders love blog content it’s fresh, regularly updated and is the best online community tool around.

If you’re tempted to get into ‘Blog and Ping’can I suggest that you pause for a second before you swallow all the rubbish that is being said about it to sell these automatic services. One critical success factor in boosting your link popularity is to use the blog and ping technique to notify lots of other sites about new content on your web site. The last six months has seen a massive rise in content theft blogs and spam blogs, and there’s one thing these blogs usually have in common, and that’s the whole “Blog and Ping” thing, but if you don’t know what Blog and Ping is, don’t feel bad, because most people don’t. Everyone with a site at some point wants more traffic so bad that they find themselves making choices they’d never make under normal circumstances.

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