Adventure Travel, 5 Items or Less

The Natural Beauty of being able to travel freely. Pack your bags, select a destination, and take off!

Pack Your Bags

To travel freely be sure to take as little as possible with you. You noticed that “pack your bags” is the first thing to do on the list. As we adventure onward, tudjononrolavilag I will explain why it is first. But for now, lets talk about what to put into our bags. We all know that men and women do not pack their bags the same. Actually, there is very little that men and women do the same. But, for now we are talking about packing your bags. Women, turizmuskartya I know your first item in your bag will probably be your “hair dryer”. I need you to think freedom! This is your opportunity to welcome “bad hair day”. So please leave the hair dryer. The first thing that should come to mind should be passport. This is actually one of the things men and women will have in common. Before we move on to the fun items, let’s get our medication. Remember, all medication must be in its original container. This too applies to both genders. Now for the fun items: swimwear, fa-ipar flipflops, sunscreen lotion or spray and a toothbrush. Ladies you are now ready to go!

For the male species please remember the two common items mentioned above. In addition to those items you only need toothbrush, jatek-varazs flipflops and a multiple vitamin. So, you see ladies this is why we get to carry more luggage, but not for this trip. We now have our bags packed, where are we going?


When you live the life of freedom, kiegeszit-o where you go is totally up to you! But just in case you are having problems with this new found freedom, I love the Caribbean! You only need to think of places you love. If this is a vacation for two, you and someone else then you may have to compromise on the destination. Especially if you like the other person. If you don’t like them as much, nyilas-zarora then you get to make the destination selection. We are ready for take off!

Take Off

This could be the tricky one. Taking off depends a lot on destination. For this reason I suggested pack your bags as being first. Reason being, ruha-lak you may get lucky and have to opportunity to leave right away. Having an already packed bag is like being prepared to go to the hospital for that first baby and we all know that the unexpected is what usually happens. Back to taking off. Just to give you a few ideas that I have: planes, trains, boat, ship, and car. I personally prefer someone else’s car if that will be the mode of transportation. Why? it is another sign pointing towards freedom. You don’t want to be responsible for directions, gas stations and getting lost. No, you only want to think about the destination and when will you be there. Fore more info please visit here:-


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