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As a professional network marketer, I am constantly bombarded with questions and comments from ignorant people who think that I’m trying to get them to “join a pyramid scheme” or trying to rip them off for every dollar that they have.

Because of the simple fact that any average Joe could make a multiple 7-figure, forbes passive income in a network marketing business, most people tend to think that we’re promising them overnight riches without any work whatsoever.

Which sounds utterly ridiculous when you think about it.

There is NO business – Network Marketing or not – that will pay you multiple 7-figures dani-infowithout you busting your hump to get it going. And once it’s going, keep busting your hump to hit the income goals that you’ve set for yourself.

Nonetheless, because of the fact that I’m actually involved in Network Marketing, a lot of people think that my rebuttles to their BS accusations is heavily biassed and they don’t accept my word. apkdnews

And I always wanted someone from a globally renown source to back our cause and give us some supportive arguments as to why Network Marketing is so awesome.

And the business Gods heard my prayers… because exactly one week ago, mrtmediagmbh Robert Laura, a retirement analyst that writes for Forbes Magazine wrote an awesome article called…

“Would You Join a Multi-Level-Marketing Company For Retirement Income?”

The entire article is geared towards weather or not a Network Marketing or MLM opportunity is a viable option for someone who is already retired or is about to hit retirement.

And being that he’s not directly involved in the MLM or NM industry, wealth he had to do some real research before putting out an article for Forbes Magazine.

From his research, he concluded that:


    • Based on information from American Association for Retired Persons, more than half of the 76 million Baby Boomers are interested in starting a business. The main reason for this is because the average Baby Boomer has less than $50,000 in savings and they need to figure out a way to survive from the age of 62-100 with that money. Obviously, it’s impossible to survive 38 years with less than $50k, so they NEED to figure out a way to create supplemental income.


    • Another growing reality is that an “increasing number of Baby Boomers are disenchanted with their current careers.” They don’t feel the same connection that they originally had with their chosen fields and they feel worn out. They want to be a part of something bigger where they feel they are contributing to the world and actually making a real impact on the lives of others. All of which can be gained from working with a Network Marketing or MLM company.


    • The barrier of entry for starting a NM business is extremely low, there is full training and support available, and lots and lots of encouragement. More than the money aspect of it, retirees are finding this enticing because they need to find a healthy and productive way of staying connected, active, and busy. And lastly…


  • You don’t have to buy into the hype and become a “top producer” to make a good living. If you talk to anyone that has “sold out” to the cause of their NM company, sabkobol they’ll feed you with so much hype that you don’t know where the real information begins and where the hype ends. But the reality of it is, you can make a very healthy monthly residual income from NM or MLM simply by putting in the work. You DON’T have to compete to be the #1 producer to make it.


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