List of Signs He is Flirting – How to Know If a Guy is Flirting With You

If you’re a woman, trying to decipher a man’s signals can get very confusing sometimes. Don’t you just wish there was a general huisentuinpassie way to know the list of signs he is flirting?

I have this male friend who’s been acting stranger than usual lately. It’s almost like he’s morphing into one of those guys you meet in clubs. As weird as it is, tossncook this friend of mine has been projecting the list of signs that say he is flirting.

I’m sure a lot of you have also been in a similar situation. Below is a list which might shed some light.

1) He Changes His Look.

If you have known a guy for a very long time (as friends) and he suddenly changes his look, that is reason enough to sit up and be more observant. daihatsu medan

If he’s flirting with you, he most likely took into account something you said about his appearance. Think back and see whether you have commented on his hair or maybe his clothes. If, for example, you once told him how you like clean-cut guys and he shaves his beard off the next day, that might be included in the list of signs he is flirting and trying to get your attention.

2) He Focuses Only On You.

A guy doesn’t really give all his attention to just one girl unless he’s interested in you. For example, if you’re all hanging out in a pizza parlor with your friends and he only seems to be interested in talking to you… Well, there’s no doubt that he’s crazy over you.

3) He Asks If He Could Buy You Something.

One of the common list of signs he is flirting with you is when a guy asks if he could buy you lunch or dinner, a drink, or perhaps tickets to a show. zmiiv

It’s like the opening line of every flirting scenario. Once he poses you this question, the ball’s in your court. Saying “yes” would almost always mean you welcome his presence. Saying “no, united states daily globe thanks” would be rejecting his advances albeit in a nicer way.

If you have a guy friend or acquaintance who seems to match with this list of signs he is flirting with you, then you can’t just ignore him. Perhaps it’s time you make a move of your own.


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