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If you’re a table tennis player or coach you’ll know how hard it is to find information on new equipment. The manufacturer’s information on the back of the packaging makes it sound like each product is going to make you a world champion. Also each manufacturer uses a ratings system that often changes as they bring out new products to allow for even higher ratings. To make matter even worse, mycarscent the ratings between manufacturers cannot be used to compare between products, as manufacturers use their own ratings system. All these factors make it very hard to decide what new equipment might suit your style and level. akunprorusia

So how can you find out more about what rubber or blade suits your game? Well there is no substitute for the advice of a coach or experienced player that knows your game and has good knowledge of equipment. But many don’t have access to people like that, semar128 or prefer to do their own research, which brings us to table tennis forums. Table tennis forums are one of the greatest sources of information, because not only can you read about a wide variety of equipment and opinions, you can actually ask questions and get people’s opinions on equipment and what might suit your game and best of all it’s free! Although the posts in forums are only opinions, verduurzamendeurneand you often don’t know how knowledgeable the person is that you’re chatting to, the information is usually unbiased. Most people in the forums are players just like you, who enjoy the game, and like chatting about it, spintenniscoach and discuss different opinions on equipment. As you participate more in the forum, you get to know people and yo u learn whose opinions are more credible than others. antminet

The good thing about forums is that they are anonymous! Anyone can just read the forum, and you only need to register if you wish to post your own views and ask questions. Even then you can choose any name, and it usually only requires a valid Email address, which is not visible to any other members. So there’s no need to be afraid to ask questions, even if you think they may be a little silly, ufa88myanmarsince no one knows who you are! Just don’t be a nuisance in your posts, or the moderators will delete your posts, or worse will delete your account.

Below I’ve summarised some of the main table tennis forums, and what their main strengths / weaknesses are. – Toronto Table Tennis Super league

This forum seems to be run by the Toronto table tennis club, crosstrainer-kaufen although the specifics are unknown. This is no doubt the biggest forum in terms of membership, over 17,000 members! If you want some specific information and you need a quick answer, this forum will be your best chance of getting it, since the membership base is so huge. It can be hard to get to know people there, although after some time you’ll get to know some of the regulars. This site does contains advertising, but it’s restricted to banners and logos along the borders, so it’s not too obtrusive. There are quite a few members advertising their own goods in posts though, which can get a little annoying. askanadviser

Denis’ Table tennis world forum

This forum was started and is run by Dimosthenis E. Messinis (Denis), a player who grew up in Greece and played at the top levels of table tennis, and is also the author of a book called “Table Tennis: From A to Z”. This is a quite a well-run forum, more tightly moderated than, with a member base of over 3000 from all over the world. Although the forum is quite big and general, after you spend some time participating in the forum you’ll get to know some of the regulars. This site also contains advertising, which seems to have increased lately, with now some ads even within posts, but the sgmytrips tabletennis forum

The table tennis forum here is a sub-section of the huge website. The table tennis forum is run by Greg Letts, a well respected and high level Australian player and coach. This too is a quite a big forum, although the actual number of members is unknown. Although it has some very knowledgeable people there who are very helpful, the layout of the site, all the advertising and some pop-up windows does make it a little harder to navigate or to find stuff. Still it’s well worth visiting and has some great threads and information.

One of a Kind table tennis Forums

This forum was initially created as a support forum for the One of a kind Trading online shop, but over time it’s developed into a specialist pimple and anti-spin rubber forum. It is run by a group of very knowledgeable people, particularly for this niche category of rubbers. Although it covers the complete range of table tennis topics, if you need information on a pimple or anti-spin rubber, this is the place to be. It is by many regarded as the most friendly forum, and is very well organised in topics. It contains no advertising at all, apart from a link and a small section to the shop that sponsors the site.


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