The Future Of Human Cloning Cometh – Should We Prevent It?

Humans are making big progress in the bio-sciences and that’s all well and good, however we’ve also opened Pandora’s Box in a number of BioTech subsectors. Not long ago, our Think Tank was discussing the future of cloning, large cloned families, super families, cloned armies, human-like organisms for long-term spaceflight, and how that might affect the rest of the world – so much for diversity right? Well, there you go.

In our continued Think Tank dialogues on this topic, well, as far as cloning and those possible futures, I was merely taking current technology and throwing it into the future. We don’t know what will happen. I am not comfortable with outlawing cloning 100%, as there are many positives to it also. For more details please visit these sites:-

Although, humans may in fact be ending their evolutionary process and taking it over for themselves. Can humans do a better job? Hard to say, wisdom would say NO, and if humans are in-charge of their evolution from here on out, they will make serious mistakes along the way, that I have no doubt, why just look at all the mistakes and dead ends of our evolutionary tree and those of other species – some of their predecessors with us today, most lines long extinct.

Cloning and controlling life in this way for humans will allow us to travel to the stars, live longer, and opens up a whole new set of possibilities, opportunities, problems and crisis – yes, all of that it seems. Re-cloning and cloning on cloning may lead to more problems – as a copy of a copy of a copy gets fuzzy, hard to say, clones may want to delete their mistakes and make a clone one-better, in their minds, choices.

Yes, religions will want to preserve the natural order of things and prevent progression into the future of cloning, but religion will not be able to stop it, not even science will stop it, so it will happen and if we don’t help brave into this future, others with ill-intentions will and that will be to mankind’s detriment.

It would be hard to keep cloning within a “Desired Framework” as we have no knowledge of where it is going. In the US they tried to prevent “Stem Cell” research and that may have caused decades delays in science to cure diseases. Harvard recently had a ‘closed meeting’ on some issues of Synthetic DNA: “After secret Harvard meeting, scientists announce plans for synthetic human genomes,” Washington Post Article, June 6, 2016. Not sure I trust a secret group to meet and make decisions for all humankind, but it’s probably better than a bunch of corrupt politicians and global socialist elitists – problem is most all of these people are of similar mindset – pretend I didn’t say that – but you know I am right – after all this meeting was at Harvard. Doesn’t take an MIT or Cal Tech rocket scientist to see the problem there.


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