History of Table Tennis

Table tennis is a sport practiced since 1880. It is also known as ping-pong and at first it was played only by people in the upper-classes. In 1926 was founded the International Table Tennis Federation that now has 210 member associations.

History of table tennis

The game originates in Britain and it was played in the upper-classes after dinners. They set up a table and they used books as a net on the center of the table. Every player had also a book with which they hit the golf-ball. A company saw that the game became more popular and began to manufacture the necessary equipment for the game. The books hitting the golf-ball were replaced by rackets and the books on the center of the table dividing it in two was replaced by a net.

Around 1902, the game was improved. They created a special racket which was made by wood and rubber. Tournaments began to appear and the game grew in popularity. In some countries, normzplumbing like Russia, the game was banned because it was believed that it was harmful for the eyes. In 1902 was held the first tournament, but it had an unofficial status.

Later, the game became very popular; the Federation was founded in 1921 and after a couple of years began the official tournaments. They were first held in London and then all around the world.

Modern game

The Federation wrote rules and these were accepted unanimous. Thus, the game began to be televised and it grew rapidly in popularity. It is played in single (one-on-one) or in a team. Even if it is a competition games and it is played by professionals, Tennis lesson Singapore for the amateurs it is fun game and it is used as a way of bonding or releasing stress. Table tennis can be played during lunch breaks or at the end of a working day. In any case, practicing sports is a relaxation method, because people can release stress and they can forget about some particular problems they could have at the work office or even at home. Table tennis is a fun game to play with your friends and sometimes it can get very competitive. Of course, if you win when you play with your friends it does not mean that you can sign up fro professionals but it is still a fun sport to play any time you feel you need to relieve some pressure. tennis class Singapore


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