A Look At Some Of The Leading Gaming Mice

A gaming mouse is more than the simple point and click device used everyday for office work or surfing the internet. A gamer will need a high performance mouse that is easy to maneuver and very intuitive. Gaming mice need to have a higher dpi speed than found with a typical optical mouse, newsev which will generally have about 800 dpi. Because speed will be an critical component of a good gaming mouse, an optical device that has slick feet can help a user move around with much less friction. It is also important the that mouse fits the contours of a player’s hand in order to provide the most comfort for the player so they do not end up playing poorly, dpimouse or even result in painful wrists or hands. There are a number of great choices when it comes time to choosing gaming mice. Many of these options are available for about $20 to $60 and some of the most popular include HP, Razer and Logitech models.

Some of the most popular gaming mice are made by Logitech and these are often rated very high. Amazon.com sells a variety of different models which have received hundreds of very positive reviews. One of the most popular models is the Logitech MX518. This high performance optical gaming mouse is corded with USB connection. It has 1800 dpi and programmable buttons for users to customize according to their own needs. ozlaptopreviews

Razer makes gaming mice that are also highly rated among gamers. One of their most popular models is the Deathadder 3500. This is an optical 3500 dpi ergonomic mouse. This mouse is also customizable and the buttons are big with rubber coating to provide extra grip. This mouse received reviews comparable to the MX518, but it is a little more expensive.

Hewlett Packard also has a large selection of high-quality computer accessories and this includes some very nice gaming mice which have received good reviews. One particular model, the HDX is certainly one of the most popular. With optical settings and the ability to program it up to 2400 dpi it can provide extreme sensitivity and users can store macros using five buttons that are customizable. nachrichtenmorgen

There are many more gaming mice from which a user can choose. Read about individual models in one of the gaming mouse review sites and you can learn more about which mouse would be best for your needs. After some research and a look at all the popular mice, you’re certain to find the mouse that work best for you!


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