The EASIEST Way to Earn $200 a Day From Home (And The Smart Strategy to Scale Your Sales!)

How many times have you tried to “launch” an online marketing campaign… only to discover it worked far better in the “eBook,” than it did for YOUR business?

How often have you chased gadgets, gurus and goofy gimmicks that promised perpetual piles of profit, only to be doomed to disappoint? techpiled

If you are anything like the tens of thousands of people who are chasing their dreams right NOW, as you read these very words, with absolutely NOTHING to show for it, you are in really good company. And the truth is, even if you’ve never made a dime before, it’s really NOT your fault.

I want to share with you a very simple, and SCALABLE strategy to turn what you LOVE into a living, and to truly transform your passion and sense of purpose into a perpetual profit.

The bad news? It’s not going to happen overnight. And it does take “work”. The GOOD news? If you truly LOVE what it is that you are doing, and are committed to the idea of community, and contribution as much as cash flow, you’ll never really feel like you are “working” at all. Instead, you’ll feel focused and free, and truly blessed to be able to share your gifts with the world, in a way that allows you do work from wherever you want as well.

One more quick thing: This idea is FAR bigger than setting a goal of $200 a day. Or $400 a day. It’s about building a brand, a business and a bank account around proven ways to convert your content into a community and your community into clients, and cash. realisticmag

The core concepts are simple:

1 – First, build your blog, brand and business around doing what you love. Discover what it is that you’d do for FREE everyday, and do that thing every day for the rest of your life, as often as you can, and with as much energy, inspiration and enthusiasm as you can muster.

2 – Focus on making people better. Share your experience and expertise in the niche that you know, and concentrate on doing nothing other than sharing your gifts with those that need what you know most.

3 – Don’t think of yourself as a writer or author or speaker or blogger. Think of yourself as a teacher, in whatever niche, market or industry you identified in #1. urbanclutch

Now, here is the simple strategy that will explode your income, well past the $200 a day mark if you follow up with fierce focus and continue to rinse, repeat and scale UP this approach. You have to SCALE this with services, and be willing to re-purpose your content across multiple mediums for maximum speed and success.

Let’s look at a really quick outline of how this may work.

1 short Amazon eBook (selling for 2.99)

1 extended eBook with audio file, and follow up Q and A (selling for 12.99)

1 small group coaching program/webinar/teleseminar (selling for $99 for 30 days)

1 private coaching offer for one on one support for 30 days (selling for $499 per month/ or $150 per week)

Lastly, and MOST importantly, create 1 affiliate program for all of the above (outside of Amazon, which has its own) and connect with other people in your profession, and have THEM promote your products, programs, books, blog and brand for FREE… for a percentage of every sale.

You can literally do this using a free service like GUMROAD, without any tech skills or any experience, and have an army of people selling your stuff for you, even if you don’t have any connections in the broader community right now.

It’s so important to have salable stuff. Once you take this simple step, the sky is truly the limit… and you can scale this in so many cool and creative ways, that this is all just the very tip of the exciting iceberg that your business is about to become!


Convert your content into courses, and your courses into a curriculum.

In other words, organize and structure everything you create into something that is teachable, and salable across multiple mediums and various formats.

One Amazon eBook can easily earn you $50 a day on its own.

One group coaching call with 10 people a month can earn you an extra $1000, this month, using this very approach.

5 people paying you for private coaching can add an additional 2-3 thousand to your bottom line, within the next 60 days.

1 audio and eBook, sold on your own site, or on a marketplace platform like Gumroad, can add another $1000 per month in sales.

And… if you truly want to scale this up in a magical and magisterial fashion, adding a JV element, where your professional peers in your niche become your partners, can explode your income and your appearance of expertise, all with a few days worth of work! thekayelist

You can take ONE simple book, on simple topic, that illuminates only ONE area of your expertise or niche knowledge within the broader market, and build an entire content marketing campaign, that can transform your income in only a few months, starting TODAY!


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