Maximize Bathroom Space With Style

Not every family is blessed with multiple bathrooms. More often than not, two or more members (or everyone) have to share a common bathroom. Since mom’s makeup remover can easily get mixed up with Dad’s aftershave lotion or with baby’s body wash, แทงบอลโลก there’s bound to be some nasty visual clutter and possibly family drama born out of this setup. Take your cue from these three oh-so-easy practical organizing and decorating tips.

Shelving the Issues

No matter how compact a bathroom is, setting aside “quarters” for each member is the secret to keeping it organized. In the absence of built in shelves, invest in a slim, sturdy shelving unit where smaller storage bins may be stashed. Some nifty ideas:

Choose pretty printed fabric boxes for feminine products like sanitary pads and waxing kits. A bigger storage can be used for hair spray, radiumshop lotions and other beauty loot.

Try wooden boxes or plastic bins for items that are for general consumption like toilet paper rolls.

Maximizing Bathroom Real Estate

It’s easy to get creative in finding more storage space:

The area under the sink is perfect for storing a tiny stool, bathroom scale or kiddy caddy for all your baby’s bath essentials. You can even store a baby walker under the sink depending on how large your bathroom is.

Hooks behind the bathroom door can hold pocket organizers ideal for razors, brushes and other manly toiletries.

Avoid counter clutter with drawer organizer that can store small knickknacks like nail cutters and tweezers. Invest in a stool that doubles as a storage unit (many local furniture shops sell these). Use it as a table for holding reading materials or a seat for primping while providing extra storage space inside.

The space atop the water closet can hold often used items like shampoos, better-sleep body washes, or even a candle decor.

Dressing It Up

The beauty of designing your bathroom is that you can be as creative as you can be and your bathroom need not look boring if you try these tricks:

When choosing a mat or rug, opt for ones that lend texture such as shaggy piles. You can also add some bamboo accents to create a Zen feel to your bathroom.

For a more sophisticated vibe, pair plastic bins with fabric and natural fiber boxes. Just keep them away from moisture.

A pile of neatly rolled up towels can double as decor, too. Throw in a couple of colored ones for a pop of variety. Or you can put nicely designed towels beside your shower cubicle.

Bring in playful, omegavp functional bath items that appeal to both kids and grownups. Try a quirky soap dish or a cool corral to hold your toothbrush and tooth paste.

Hang inexpensive art or framed prints to decorate blah walls.

Final Thoughts

Creating less clutter in your bathroom can be a big help in the family and it does not need to be expensive. Simplicity is key and creativity comes in second.


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