How to Choose a Hair Color to Go With Your Complexion

I heard on the news today that the temperature was going to hit the upper 90s again. If you are wearing hair color, and it does not matter what color you are wearing, I am sure you want your color to always look exciting. Many of you are spending days in the sun, at the beach and in the pool, which means chlorine and salt water, which can be very difficult on color treated hair. Did you know that the lighter your hair is from its natural color the more difficult it is to keep it healthy in these elements?

If your hair is blond and you want to keep it from turning green from the chlorine you might want to presoak it first and apply some conditioner in it before you get in the pool so that your hair does not absorb the chlorine. Redken has Color Extend Sun Solar Screen SPF12 that gives excellent protection, 613 wig and Banana Boat has a very inexpensive one, Sport Body and Scalp Sunscreen at about $5.00 that works well. When it comes to shampooing, you also want to use sulfate free shampoos as well. Those that contain sulfates will fade your color and your color investment goes right down the drain. Because you need to shampoo often if you swim, go to the beach or work out in the gym, there is a need to shampoo more often. However, shampooing every other day or even every two days is sufficient and on those other days just use a conditioner and massage through your hair and scalp and rinse. Your hair will be clean; it will smell great and will look as if you shampooed it and won’t feel weighted down.

If your hair is brunette, adding some subtle highlights would look great and give great natural highlighted look. I call it the sun kissed look. Just have it highlighted just around the face and just where the sun touches your head down to the tips with the look of perfect dark to light graduation. This can be achieved with balyage or with a large tooth comb and even smooshing it a little at the ends to achieve the desired look of warm caramels and honey gold with more blonde at the ends. Children have a natural sun kissed look after playing in the sun. If you see a child with the perfect highlights you admire, take a photo and take them to your hairstylist and see if he or she can duplicate them for you.

No matter what color or highlights you are wearing, they should enhance your face and never take away from your face. If you have warm undertones you are good to go with warm tones such as reds, coppers, gold tones and auburns. If you have cool undertones you are good to go with colors in the cooler tones or on the ashy side. Have you ever seen someone with warm undertones wearing ash blond hair? Did they look a little green to you? What about someone with a cooler complexion wearing straight up blond hair? Did they appear a tad bit washed out? You get the picture. Stay in your lane.

I love reading Rosemary Rodgers romantic novels. The heroine always has red hair and green eyes. This combination is always a good fit, don’t you think? That is because on the color wheel, green and red are opposite which means they are complimentary colors.

The point I am getting at is color should complement your eyes and skin color. I have created a chart and you can select where you are with your eye color, skin color and hair color. From there, you can pick the correct color family that is perfect for you. The right hair color will change your life.

If your eye color is dark brown or black, gray-blue or dark blue, hazel with, gray or blue flecks, you fall in the cool category. If your eye color is dark warm brown, golden brown, green, green blue or turquoise, hazel with gold or brown flecks, you fall in the warm category. Now for skin color, if you have very dark brown to medium brown with olive undertones, true olive (some blacks, Asians and Latinos), medium with no color in cheeks, medium with faint pink cheeks, medium with golden undertones, pale with no color in cheeks, brown or bronze when tan, you fall in the cool category. If you are brown with pink undertones, golden undertones, pale with peach or gold undertones, freckled, ruddy or golden brown when tan, you fall into the warm category. For the natural hair color, if your hair color is blue black, deep coffee brown, medium ash brown, medium golden brown, dishwater blond or white to silver, you fall in the cool category. However, if your hair has red undertones, red, strawberry blonde, then you fall into the warm category.


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